Cross Creek Farm keeps locally-raised beef in stock for sale at local farmer’s markets, to local restaurants, and their neighbors in the Asheville, North Carolina area. Watch our twitter feed to find out where we’ll be next!

Cross Creek Farm’s current inventory can be found here.

Cross Creek Farm prices its beef competitively for all-natural, grass-fed, tasty beef.

Type Cut Price per pound
Steaks Porterhouse $17.00
T-bone $14.00
Ribeye $15.00
Sirloin $12.00
Round $6.50
Cube $6.00
Flat Iron $9.00
Roasts Chuck $6.00
Arm $6.50
Rump $6.50
Sirloin Tip $7.00
Other Brisket $6.50
Liver $3.00
Short Ribs $5.00
Ground Beef $5.50
Soup Bones $3.00
Bulk beef Quarter Beef $5.50 (boxed)
Half Beef $5.50 (boxed)
Whole Beef $5.50 (boxed)

Not all prices are the same when buying beef in bulk. Some farms charge “on the hoof”, some the “hanging weight”, and others the “boxed weight”. Cross Creek Farm always charges the boxed weight, the weight of the meat you’re actually going to enjoy. Weights “on the hoof” are the actual weight of the whole cow, whereas “hanging weight” is the weight of the cow after it has been killed, but not butchered. Typically the “boxed weight” is 70% of the “hanging weight” which is 60% of the weight “on the hoof”.


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